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Small Business Loan, SBA

Velocity Funding Solutions’ Small Business Loan Program provides reliable and flexible financing for up-and-coming businesses. We have the honor of being designated a Preferred Financial Services Company by Preferred SBA lenders, which means that we can process your SBA loan more efficiently and quickly.

SBA 7A and 504 Loans

These government backed loans typically offer lower down payments and longer financing terms. We offer competitive rates on both of these programs. Our lending partners have the formal PLP (Preferred Lender Program) status with SBA based on their record and therefore have demonstrated a proficiency in processing and servicing SBA-guaranteed loans. This means that you will be interacting only with the highest level of experience and track record of success which greatly increase your chances to close efficiently and effectively.

Given the complexities associated with an SBA guaranteed loan, it is important that you align your interests with professionals who are deeply vested in the program in order to optimize your opportunities for success. It is not unusual for our PLP partners to secure an SBA loan for a client after an application has been rejected by other less qualified SBA lenders. Fortunately you can avoid those delays and setbacks by speaking with one of our experts who can help you understand and expedite the process.

These programs can range from $50,000 to over $5,5000,000.

Industrial/Commercial Real-Estate Financing
Our customized loans can help you refinance, renovate, purchase, or build industrial real-estate, including (but not limited to):

  • Single-purpose buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Non-conforming properties
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Repair shops
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Auto dealerships
  • Convalescent hospitals

Existing Business Acquisition Loans

  • Management and cash flow capabilities are primary loan indicators
  • Up to 80% financing
  • No penalty for pre-payment
  • Up to a 15-year term
  • Fully amortized loans, no balloons
  • 48-hour pre-qualification

Equipment Financing

  • Machine tools
  • Heavy equipment
  • Commercial binding and printing
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Trucking
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Dry cleaning/laundry

Loans up to $5 million

  • Up to 90% financing
  • Up to 25-year terms
  • Flexible terms and competitive rates
  • No penalties for pre-payment
  • Fully amortized
  • 504 and 7(a) programs that offer variable or fixed rate options
  • No cost pre-qualification letters

Eligible Property Types and Businesses

Almost all for-profit businesses are eligible to receive one of our financing options. Commercial real-estate must be at least partially occupied by the borrower in order to receive financing, and eligible properties include (but are not limited to):

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Child care facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Hotels and motels
  • Franchises
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Car wash facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Single-use buildings
  • Start-ups
  • Restaurants

Eligibility is based on Small Business Administration size standards. The business tangible net worth may not exceed $15 million and the net profit after tax may not exceed $5 million. The SBA defines startup businesses as those that have been in operation for less than two years. These businesses are eligible for SBA 504 loans; however, they require an additional 5% down payment.

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