Healthcare and Medical Financing: A Prescription for Success

As with any other type of business, the financial well-being of a healthcare practice can suffer from delayed receivables and other cash shortfalls. Velocity Funding Solutions offers a number of affordable financing options that can help chiropractors, dentists, doctors and veterinarians alike overcome these ailments and get the working capital that they need. We can also help you take advantage of opportunities to grow your practice.

Financing Options for Healthcare Professionals

When you choose Velocity Funding Solutions, you are in good hands. We offer the best healthcare financing solutions for all of your business needs. The capital you receive can then be used for:

Medical equipment

Whether you choose to purchase or lease equipment, we offer improvement loans and equipment financing for medical tools. Besides offering different payment options, we can also arrange a lease and a loan for your practice at the same time.

Practice Acquisitions or Expansions

We offer 100 percent financing for qualified medical professionals who wish to buy into a new practice or buy out an existing partner. We have the capital to help your practice grow.

Debt Consolidation

If your practice has a number of outstanding loans, you may be able to secure a lower rate and pay them off sooner by consolidating the debt with us. We have the resources to do this quickly and efficiently.

Account Receivables

Working with insurance companies and the Medicare system often results in considerable delays and uncertainties with collections. Our A/R factoring program is an excellent vehicle leveraged by many practices. We buy your receivables allowing you to collect promptly thus freeing up your capital for growth, expansion, payroll and other needs.

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Contact us today to get started. The application process is quick and easy; we don’t require full financials on loans less than $75,000. We can help you restore the financial health of your practice and grow it exponentially.