Give Your Customers More Credit Options

Want to know the quickest way to build brand loyalty? It’s simple: make your products or services easier to afford. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lower your prices. Rather, search for financing solutions that allow your customers easier access to the funds needed to afford them. At Velocity Funding Solutions, we offer such a tool through our Consumer Financing program.

Benefits that Both You and Your Clients Value

Your customers will love the fact that they no longer have to rely on external consumer credit sources to pay for your goods and services. Through our program, we can guarantee advantages such as:

  • Consistent, on-the-spot approvals
  • Strong credit limits
  • Flexible prepayment options
  • Easy online access to account management

Having already created consumer finance programs for countless other clients, we know how to set yours up quickly and efficiently and how to get you and your staff quickly trained on its details and management. Once your program is up-and-running, we’ll remain available to you to provide support whenever you or your customers need it.

Don’t let one more customer walk away from a potential sale simply because he or she can’t afford it today. The Consumer Financing program that we at Velocity Funding Solutions, have to offer you ensures that affordability will never again be a factor in diminishing your returns.

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