Why Velocity?

Velocity Funding Solutions can help you explore your full range of options

The days of banks being the only way to secure a loan are long gone. The market for capital is larger than ever, which unfortunately makes it more confusing—especially in the hunt for the best deal. Velocity can connect you to more (and better) options than you’d be able to find on your own.

Velocity can help you get the best rate

At Velocity, we have a whole network of lenders that we selectively and strategically distribute your application to, based on the different business credit score requirements, standard rates, and fee structures that will be most beneficial to you. Knowing how different lenders operate gives us a solid understanding of the entire market, and puts you a position where the lenders can compete for your business.

Velocity has industry connections

At Velocity, we live and breathe the small business loan market, so naturally; we have very strong working relationships with a wide array of lenders in many different verticals and niches. Our Goal at Velocity is to get you a great deal on a small business loan that you couldn’t get yourself.

Velocity delivers expert guidance

If you try to secure a small business loan on your own, inevitably you will come across loan terms you can’t interpret and questions that you can’t simply Google the answer to. At Velocity, we will be able to explain all the complicated verbiage that’s part of your loan offer.